Past speaking engagements (selected)

March 2021 — Aligning temporalities: Navigating the challenges of translating cancer signals into technologies for the early detection of cancer. Chronic Living Conference. Copenhagen, Denmark.

May 2021 — Disentangling hype from hope in cancer care: When biomarker discovery and novel forms of patient work meet. Senior seminar, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge.

June 2019 —Outliers in cancer research: who are the ‘hard-to-reach’ and for whom? Paper presented with Kelly Robinson at the ASA conference. Norwich, UK.

September 2018 — Is Pembrolizumab a game changer in cancer care? Possibility and frailty of world-making projects. Wellcome Trust networking workshop ‘Remaking Cancer’. Manchester, UK.

Events co-organised as part of CRASSH Health Medicine Agency Research Network (2020-2021)

Panels and workshops organised during the fellowship

Chronic Living panel “Living with cancer: between the promises of innovations and the experience of chronicity”. University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Co-organised with Cinzia Greco and Nils Graeber (March 2021).

Multidisciplinary workshop ‘Ethnographies of disease stratification: Understanding novel clinical practices and their social consequences in contemporary cancer care’, Cambridge, UK. Co-organised with Julia Swallow, Emily Ross, Cinzia Greco, and Henry Llewellyn (April 2019).         

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